2019 Ford Ranger FX4 Off-Road Gas Mileage Test. How Well it Performs?

This week came with a bit of very startling news – Ford announced that it is investigating the gas mileage numbers that it submitted to the EPA for the 2019 Ford Ranger Truck. In other words, there is some doubt now whether the current 2019 Ford Ranger’s MPG gas mileage is as accurate as they stated on the Monroney.

2019 Ford Ranger Gas Mileage Test

Luckily, we took the 2019 Ford Ranger from California all the way to Colorado after the press intro and basically did a 1000 Mile MPG gas mileage test consisting of three different MPG Loops and with this latest breaking news from Ford, we thought that you would be interested to see what kind of a Highway gas mileage numbers we got while driving the all new Ford Ranger from California to Colorado.

2019 Ford Ranger Gas Mileage Test Monroney

Now, keep in mind that the Monroney says that the Four-Wheel Drive 2019 FX Ford Ranger is supposed to get 24 MPG gas mileage on the Highway, but we got a distinctly different number and over the course of this article, you’ll see exactly what kind of gas mileage we managed to get out of the Ford Ranger. Keep in mind that we did drive from the Sea-level in California to the top of the Continental Divide in Colorado, which is an uphill trip but nevertheless I think you’ll be surprised by the fuel economy results that we got.

Anyway, let’s fill up let’s top off and let’s actually get a real-world gas mileage number. A lot of you guys have asked us what kind of fuel does the Ford Ranger require; it’s 87 octane. So basically, base fuel here in California is actually mid-grade in Colorado but that’s a whole another story. We’re gonna fill up and see exactly how far we can get.

2019 Ford Ranger Gas Mileage Test Gas Octane

I think we can make it a long-way because we have about 18 gallons of fuel tank and 24 MPG on the highway is the Four-Wheel Drive rating, which I think might be a little bit optimistic for a FX4. It could be the best in class for a Four-Wheel Drive but you have to remember that we don’t have a chin spoiler on this truck, so I wonder how it’s gonna do.

2019 Ford Ranger Gas Mileage Test Meter

We’ve topped off 325 Miles ago basically and the trip meter says 21.4 MPG of gas mileage, but we’re as high as 21.7 ish, so let’s fill up and then let’s do another run, I mean let’s average the South you know let’s like see how it is because we’re gonna go to a higher elevation as we head towards Denver. So we went 325.3 Miles divided by 15.619 Gallons which gives us 20.8 MPG of gas mileage. And the vehicle said 21.4 MPG, so pretty close it is.

So rounding-off, 21 MPG I think is the first real world gas mileage from the sea level up to St. George. Remember, it’s not the EPA number. So if we take 24 MPG, it’s about 87% of that, so about 13% Off. Now, let’s do another run as we’re moving along.

Now at this point, you might be wondering how does the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency actually test vehicles for the MPG gas mileage numbers that you see on the Monroney. Well in fact, for the most part they don’t. The process is relatively complicated. The manufacturer in this case ‘Ford’ tests the new vehicle, which in this case is the 2019 Ford Ranger and then submits data to the EPA and the EPA can then do one of three things.

2019 Ford Ranger Gas Mileage Test Fuel Economy

Number ONE, they can accept the data and certify the vehicle is having the stated MPG number. Number TWO, they can ask for more information from the company and Number THREE, they can actually ask for the truck to test.

Now we certainly don’t know what happened in the case of the Ford Ranger, but ford has stated in a press release that they have hired an independent testing company to look at the criteria and the data they used that they submitted to the EPA.

2019 Ford Ranger Gas Mileage Test Fuel Economy Test

So, we have left about 32 Miles and I can tell that we are completely all right as we’re approaching a town so it’s good news and usually I’m not into going super low on fuel, especially if it’s an older vehicle but it’s brand new obviously and the good news is we are now in Green River. Now they don’t have 87 Octane but do have 88 Octane as well as 91 Octane. We’ll do 88 Octane. We’ll always follow manufacturer recommendation as closely as we can in this case, so we filled about 16 Gallons (15.925 to be exact).

Alright, now we’ll do a little calculation and then we’ll do a third test also on the way back home. So now, our new range is 357 Miles. So now, I need to see the mileage. The mileage is 280 Miles as we were going into the wind. 280.2 Miles divided by 15.925 Gallons gives us 17.6 MPG. So now, we’ll see how it does on the way to Denver from Moab. This was in pretty poor and tough conditions.

2019 Ford Ranger Gas Mileage Test MPG

Now at this point, 2 Facts are important to state – Number ONE, we did go to Moab, Utah and did some off-roading but we did not include that part of the trip in the MPG gas mileage test. So what you’re seeing here is solely the Highway MPG and the other thing to keep in mind is that when the government says that the 2019 Ford Ranger gets 24 MPG on the highway, it is up to 24 MPG. It doesn’t necessarily mean it gets exactly 24 Miles Per Gallon.

After climbing through the hills, we started to get some snow. This is the proper snow test now. So at this point, we’re crossing the Vail Pass in the Ford Ranger. We’ve basically seen everything today, like every type of weather. Also, Chain Law is in effect for commercial vehicles while Traction Law is in effect for Passenger vehicles. We are compliant as we have Four-Wheel Drive vehicle and we have All-Season Snow Tires.

2019 Ford Ranger Gas Mileage Test MPG Test

Now, we’re at around 275.4 Miles and the Ranger shows 21.7 MPG of gas mileage, that’s what the truck says. We’ll now see the what the final pump says. So we topeed up about 13.716 Gallons . Now, let’s see what that comes down to. 275.5 Miles divided by 13.716 Gallons gives us 20.07 MPG.

The final thing you might be wondering about at this point is what number did we get when you calculate the average of the three trips and that number came out to be 19.5 MPG. Now that is substantially less than the EPA’s 24 MPG on the highway, but keep in mind that this is real-world testing with real-world results. We were going uphill for the most part, there was snow and there was wind and there were a lot of factors that usually are not factored into both Ford’s or the government’s testing.